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FlexiSpot M2B Standing Work Desk Review Are you tired from sitting at your desk all day? Researchers say that there are benefits to standing versus sitting, and they don’t just come in the form of feeling more awake. There are

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Which home office ergonomic standing desk is best for me?

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What is a standing desk or stand-up desk?

A standing desk is also known as the stand-up desk. This is basically a kind of desk that will allow you to do your work standing up comfortably. Since sitting the entire day brings along harmful side effects, it makes complete sense to moving around the home or office and working in the standing workstation more brings in more positive effects.

The Need for Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Height adjustable standing desk permits sensible posture and makes employees help work long hours without being over stressed. It is unnatural to take a seat in the same position for quite a number of minutes at a time. So, it’s notable that 7-8 hours of continuous screen work can place strain on the body.

Electric height adjustable desks are most suitable and ideal for those who suffer from back pain. You’ll be able to set your own snug adjustable height table at the bit of a button to make sure sensible posture. Ergonomists advocate that height adjustable desks to be used in offices. A Taller person has the foremost issues that are work related, to hold out their daily activities. An economical means of fixing the load and therefore the work posture is to face up once operating, for instance at an adjustable height table that may be raised and down. There’s less strain on the rear while standing than while sitting and leaning forward or sitting upright while not support.

Alternate, between standing and sitting works many times a day. Ergonomic piece of furniture ensures all users are being snug at their work which the piece of furniture is appropriate for his or her desires. The height adjustable table solves the matter for taller individuals, individuals with back pain, multi-users and is additionally appropriate for wheelchair users and people with disabilities.

How to select the best type of standing desk

The working environment these days is very tough and people are using computers to complete various tasks in a diversity of businesses. It is not rare for people to spend long hours bent over their laptop, which can cause undesirable health effects over time. People using desks for comfortable working are not. In the recent time, when desks come in a plenty of styles, adjustable height desks are the most demanded and the comfortable type of desk.

The best thing about having an adjustable height desk is that it can minimize the negative impacts of sitting at a desk for much longer time. These steel framed desks are detachable from the legs and you can adjust its height by locking screws. These are surely the ideal desks for your office staff.

Decide Your Needs

The most important thing to consider is to determine that what size for adjustable height desk is right for you, and for what purpose you will I be using this for. For many people, a simple adjustable desk is perfect because of their limited work. However, many people would like to have a larger drafting-style table for their work. Whatever size you choose, make sure you choose a desk that best meets your needs.

Determine Price Range

Among the most important factors in choosing the right adjustable height desk is to understand your price range. Simple laptop pneumatic stands would be great because of its versatility and economical price. You cannot select any desk if you haven’t decided your price range yet.

Easy, quick reference guide for the best stand up desks for 2019

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Work Space Available

The work space available will also determine the type and size of desk that you would require. Your work space establishes not just how much of your area you can assign to a desk. It would a good idea to cautiously measure your room before you choose to invest in a quality desk.

Consider the Type of Adjustable Desk you need

An adjustable-height desk is an important part of the decor of any room. These desks come in a variety of styles, designs and types. You can choose from modernist metal to conventional metal-and-wood combinations and also plastic computer-table models, depending upon your needs. The most suitable models to work with are the electric powered adjustable height desks. You can control the, with the push of a button. If your budget doesn’t allow you for an electric model, there are plenty of other less expensive alternatives available.

Different adjustable standing desk Available Today

Obvious from the name itself, adjustable-standing desks are a piece of furniture that you can adjust according to your height. They make it easy for a person to adjust themselves into a ‘seated’ position or any in between position while standing. You will find adjustable standing desk with different mechanisms and designs. This can often make it difficult for you to choose the most appropriate adjustable-standing desks for yourself. In order to help you with your purchase decision, here are the different adjustable desks available today, their features, and mechanism.

Geek Desk

Of all the adjustable height desk available today, Geek Desk is the most popular. There are two types of Geek Desk adjustable desks available today i.e. standard and Max. Heavier lifting capabilities than its counterpart is what the latter offers. You can store four presser heights by programming the desks.

Steelcase Airtouch

Even though the desk isn’t motorized, the assisting technology of Airtouch makes it easy to lift the tabletop. Unlike many other adjustable height desks available today, Airtouch uses a single pedestal style rather than the traditional two side legs. The futuristic styling of this desk sets it apart from its contemporaries.

Next Desk

Next Desk has a much cleaner appearance than most of the other adjustable height desks available today. The visible gears, wiring, and motors of Next Desk are the reason behind this. It is available in a range of colors and styles including aluminum and bamboo. Standing desk keyboard trays are available as an optional feature.

Up Desk

Up Desk features two motors which provide it with a lifting capability of 300lb. Other features of this standing desk include programmable height and a digital display. You will be able to use this desk as soon as you take it out the box.

In order to ensure that it complements your workplace space well, Up Desk is available in a range of tabletop and base colors.


The final adjustable height desk on the list is StandDesk. StandDesk is one of the most affordable adjustable height desks available today and it boasts a lifting capacity of 225lb.

There are many types of these standing desks available today so we have put together in one place the best reviews available online. You can choose the most appropriate height adjustable standing desk for yourself by referring to the comparison chart below.

Stand up Desks are back and here to stay! Could they be a solution to heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes?

If you think standing desks are a recent phenomenon, think again. These desks — which let you stand up while working — actually date back to the 18th century. However, they have made something of a comeback in recent years as more people fully realize their benefits. In short, these desks minimize the harmful effects of sitting down for too long: poor blood circulation, joint pain, etc. Studies reveal that those who stand for the maximum time of the day have lower waist circumference & a comparatively lower BMI, reduced level of triglycerides and better and improved levels of cholesterol compared to people who sit. This could have connections to the fact that you burn around 50 calories per hour by standing, compared to what you would burn while sitting or at rest. A renowned study also showed that one of best counter attacks against the developing of type 2 diabetes is standing. Furthermore, that study also revealed that when one sat, he/she increased the chances of developing or getting the type 2 diabetes by 22 percent and metabolic syndrome by 39 percent.

Standing workstation help improve energy levels and your mood

Many observed that standing workstation seems to have a positive and vibrant influence on the overall well-being. A one week study reported less fatigue and stress in participants using the standing desks as compared to people seated throughout the entire working hours. In addition to that, 87 percent of the people who used standing desks reported improved energy and vigour the entire day. After returning to desks, the overall mood of the participants reverted to the original levels. How can you get the most out of your standing desk? Here are our top tips.

6 Must-Read Tips on How to Get the Most From Standing Desks

  1. Don’t Spend Too Long at Your Standing Desk

There’s no written “rule” for how long you should stand at your desk. The certified ergonomist Jon Paulsen, however, suggests, that you stand at your desk until your feet get tired. Then you should sit down for around 30 minutes. Other experts believe that standing desks are safe to stand at for a prolonged period of time throughout the day.

  1. Adopt the Correct Posture

Some basic principles apply when you use a stand up desk. First, make sure you stand straight and don’t slouch. Doing this could cause lower back pain over time — something that you definitely don’t want! You should roll your shoulders and shake your arms gently every half an hour or so, too. This increases blood circulation and ensures that your body doesn’t tense up when using one of these products.

  1. Make Sure Your Computer is the Right Height

If you are using a standing desk to work on a computer, position it so it’s the right height in relation to your body. You want to be staring directly at the center of the computer screen, rather than looking up or down — which could result in neck pain over a period of time. If your computer is too low on the standing desk, place it on several thick books to raise its height. Alternatively, you can tilt the screen so you get the best position. If two or more people are working at the standing desk, make sure everyone can see the computer comfortably, too.

  1. Change Your Standing Position

When you use a regular desk, you know not to sit in the same position for too long. The same applies with a standing desk. Try and switch up your standing position every half an hour or so to increase blood circulation and prevent your joints and muscles from tensing up. You might want to alternate between standing straight on both feet to using a mat or a stool to support your balance, for example. This will ensure that you have the correct posture during the working day.

  1. Make Sure Standing Desks are the Right Height

One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing a standing desk is that the product is too tall or too small. Choosing the wrong height could impact your posture when you use this item, so make sure the size of the product is just right before you use it. The average standing desk height is around 44 inches tall for people who are 5’11”. However, you should make adjustments according to your height. In short, use a standing desk that feels comfortable. If you are straining your neck, for example, it’s probably too tall. If you work in an office, ask your employer to make adjustments to your desk for you.

  1. Office Stretches

Stretching on a regular basis provides you with loads of benefits. There’s plenty of research on this subject: studies suggest that regular stretching increases your range of motion and flexibility, prevents injuries and improves your posture. That’s why it’s so important to take regular breaks away from your standing desk. During this time, take a couple of minutes to stretch your neck, arms, and legs, before returning to your desk.

Points to keep in mind before purchasing your standing desk.

Stand up desks have been used by famous people in history, such as Ernest Hemingway and Charles Dickens. Now, they have made a comeback and have become an office essential for many employees. Follow these six tips to get more from your standing desk. Make sure standing desks are the right height, you adopt the correct posture, you change your standing position, your computer is the right height, you don’t spend too long at your desk and you stretch on a regular basis.